August 25, 2015

I was born in Victoria and spent my childhood moving around the country with my family, following my Army dad from posting to posting, state to state… finally, after a long military career of my own, I discovered Canberra and fell in love.

Together with my husband and our five daughters, I have found my happy place among the roundabouts, politicians, lakes, and that ‘amazing’ one-of-a-kind sky-whale! I collect Mickey Mouse paraphernalia, barrack for the Sydney Swans, despise ‘reality’ television, love big squishy hugs from my St Bernard, Walter.

In 2007, I started taking a photo-a-day for the month of January as part of an online photography group project… I did that for a couple of years before deciding, in 2009, that I would just keep taking a photo-a-day until I didn’t feel like it any more… then I didn’t stop for ten years.

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