We interrupt your regular programming for a short public service announcement…

September 13, 2015


So you may have noticed just how slack I have been updating my photo-a-days lately… well, let me tell you I have a very good excuse this time… no, really!

In late September, I had a catastrophic failure with my computer hard-drives and back-up system… I lost EVERY single digital photo I had taken for the last 15 years – ALL of them! … but after a couple of months of heartache, anguish and enough money to fund a small nation, I (and by ‘I’ I mean the tech-head experts I hired) have been able to recover all but the last few months of images. I have back all of them up to the last week in May… and then from October, where I started saving the images I took to a different place. So all up, I have lost about four months worth of images – not counting the client files and Heartfelt images, that I was able to move before the ‘big crash of 2015’.

On the up side… I do have my photo-a-days up until September 12 already uploaded here!… and I may have the odd random photo saved here and there, which I hope to find as I wade through the minefield of data I now need to resort.

So… my public service announcement is this… BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS… and then back them up again!

Now… back your regular programming… well, give me a bit of time to get my self sorted out… but soon, ok… soon!

EDITED TO ADD… I am moving this post back to where I left off with my photo-a-day, so that this explanation for the gap in photos, is in the right spot for future reference.

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