day THREE HUNDRED and FORTY FOUR | year SIX | 2015

December 10, 2015

So this year, my grandmother passed the Christmas Cake baton to me… she gave me the recipe, the cake tin and the storage container she has been using for over 30 years to make the most perfect Christmas Cakes ever… no pressure, right?

Willow: No offense but... no matter how good your cake is, it won’t be as good as Pat‘s (my grandmother)
Me: How won’t I take offense at that?
Willow: Sorry, mum… but it’s PAT!
Me: :/
Willow: You know, when YOU are 85 and you pass this job down to one of us, our kids will say we can’t make it as well as you… but then I will tell them that my great-grandmother made the best Christmas Cakes ever!

… you are a hard act to follow Pat McConnachie!

December 10_2015

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